Final Semester Pre-Reflections

The winter break is drawing to an end and its time to prepare for the upcoming semester. I have a big semester a head of me and it is not getting off to a good start, I missed my desired tutorial resulting in a 5 hour break between end of lecture and start of class. I’ve also got a full load of 4 subjects which was something I was trying to avoid. With a full course load I have only 1 free day midweek, most internships and  work experience opportunities require a minimum of 2 days. Such is life as the old saying goes.

Now that the negativeness is out of the way, its time for awesome positive vibes. I’m really excited about this coming semester not only is it my final semester for this degree but there are so many great opportunities happening.

Lets break it down with a list:

– Course Goals

To complete assignments for all subjects. Well duh!!!

Try to getting 100% attendance. Its hard to get full attendance cos some days I’m not feeling it and sickness happens but it would be really nice to say I achieved 100% attendance for the semester.

To get a D in my core subjects. I recently went over my transcript and I’d have to say I’m a bit disappoint that my core subjects are C. However my electives are D, this includes photography, design and history electives.

– Uni Related Goals

I’ve sign up to the university’s Community Volunteering Project my not-for-profit organisation is S.C.A.R.F.  Our project is to help raise funds for their 10th anniversary picnic and to raise to the S.C.A.R.F profile.

– Goals for Isobel Art

At this present time unfortunately Isobel Art has been put on hold for the rest of this semester.

– Life Goals

I’m currently saving for 2 international trips next year. A family trip to Hawaii in July and a European winter wonderland trip in December/January.

On a side note my family welcomed a new family member…a baby girl!!!

Will post a separate blog post with all the details including pics and video 🙂




What’s been happening…

Just a little up-date post on whats been happening with art school, photography and myself.

  • Art School/University

I have completed the first semester of my final year.  Now all that needs to be done is my major work & visual diary and I am officially done for semester one. I am happy that I have completed (so far) 8 of the 10 assignments for this semester. Sadly I had to drop a subject which was really hard for me to let that subject go but it has worked out to be a blessing in the end. I’m really excited to be on the graduation show committee. I’m part of the fundraising team. The graduation show is a showcase of the major work done in the final semester by the visual arts and graphic design students.

  • Photography

Well its been a bit slow on the photography front at the moment. My art major project has taken up much of my free time. I have also been in talks with a local fashion boutique about doing some photography for their website. 

  • Isobel Art

Isobel Art has enjoy a successful semester at the UOW markets. The anatmony collages are now in magnet form and selling like hotcakes. Next semester I’ll be looking at keyring design and stickers.

  • Life in general

It was a dad’s birthday recently and we went to a concert by the Delltones. Holiday prepping for the winter break and Birthday organising.   Isobel

Autumn Plans

I have a feeling this Autumn is going to be a busy one!!! This year is my third and final year at art school I have so much work to complete before the year is out. So this season I have kept the list to a minimal – number one on the agenda is university studies.

Autumn To Do List 

University studies

More location exploring

Film photography

Autumn leaves photoshoot

So here is the breakdown:

  • University studies – 2015 is my third and final year at art school. I have 2 art subjects 1 theory and 1 practical, as well as 2 history electives. No design electives this semester.
  • More location exploring – I always put this down on my list of things to do put never get around to it. So instead of planning to “visit” locations I’m just going to go on a whim.
  • Film photography – I have a 35mm film camera sitting on my desk collecting dust with black and white film trapped inside (not really just an expression). I have researched different ways to use 35mm film. I’d also like to use my original 90s Polaroid camera again.
  • Autumn leaves photoshoot – This need no introduction.

I’ve also made it a goal to start ‘fixing up’ and ‘putting more effort’ into this blog. I’ll be going over old content, fix broken links, deleting/add more images, add more content etc.



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Wollongong Creatives in Print 2013

Last year I was lucky enough to have one of my photographs selected for a publication project curated by OKYO – pronounced  O-KEE-Oh!

The project was part of Wollongong’s creative reinvention and shared the work of local creatives, the publication  was a limited edition of 200 in print.

I submitted an image from my Questions in a World of Blue photo series.

You can view the publication online for free at Project OKYO website.


PS sorry for the tacky screen shoots 🙂






Summer Plans

Today is the first day of Summer (1.12.14), schools out and the days are longer! With each new season there is a new to-do-list. So once again I have created a list of activities I’d like to the achieve before the end of the season.

Summer To Do List 

Explore new locations

Complete summer school

Create a visual arts reference book

My birthday

Ophelia water theme photo series

Create a summer fashion styling lookbook

Complete the alphabet logo challenge

Explore product photography

So here is the breakdown of the list:

  • Explore new locations – Working with natural light I’m always on the look out for new locations that are interesting and unique. My two favorite locations are Wollongong Botanic Gardens for Wollongong locations and The Rocks for Sydney locations. I have a list of location that I’ve seen online . Most of the location are south of Wollongong. Some of the suburbs on my list are – Kiama, Port Kembla and Shellharbour.
  • Summer  school – I’ll  be taking a 3rd year history elective over the summer break. This isn’t a compulsory subject but I’m hoping that doing the extra subject it will lighten my workload during my final semesters next year.
  • Visual arts reference book – During the university break I want to create a reference book with art movements, key terms, names, artworks, and techniques. This is for personal use. I’d like to include Australian artists and female artists.
  • My birthday – My birthday is in January. I’ve got my ticket to French music festival So Frenchy So Chic.
  • Ophelia water theme photo series – I’ve noticed a trend of Ophelia theme photography happening. I tried to do a series earlier in the year but by the time I got things started the weather was getting colder – not ideal for water based photoshoots. Now that the weather is warming up, I’d like to pick up where I left off.
  • Summer fashion lookbook – Using my graphic design knowledge I’d like to create a lookbook based on summer fashion styling. The lookbook will be to created into a pdf file for electronic viewing. I already have the location, just need the model and outfits.
  • The alphabet logo challenge – Putting my graphic design skills to the test by create a logo for a fictional business for each letter of the alphabet. So that 26 logos – a mix of typography and images.
  • Explore product photography – Continuing on with exploring different genres and techniques of photography, this season I’d like to explore product photography. I saw a accessories editorial in Frankie magazine that was really interesting, so that’s my inspiration.


View my previous to-do-list:

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Isobel Art


1964 or 2014

Model is Stephanie Brown


A guide to achieving this 60’s look.

In this editorial I’m going to give you a simple and easy to follow guide on how to achieve this 60’s look.

This editorial will go though FASHION, SHOES, MAKEUP and HAIR.

Achieving a 60’s look is easy than you think, all you need is a white top, mini skirt, black shoes and some black eyeliner. Don’t forget the false lashes.

 From plain Jane to fashionista Twiggy in 4 steps

Styling & props by Back to the Future – Retro Styling


For this photo series I used a monochrome colour palette, drawing reference from the London mod scene.

  • White top – a long sleeved top will balance out the low part of the outfit. Alternative a short sleeved top will work too. Make sure the top covers your mid-drift.
  • Black skirt – the shorter the better. A hemline that hits the mid thigh is ideal but for those less daring a hemline that falls an inch above the knees works too.

Alternative a shift dress will work. The short the better, hemlines an inch above the knees for those playing it safe.


  • Black small heeled shoe – keep the heel and style simple. The heel will help create the illusion of long legs

Alternative a pair of black flats complement this outfit.


Makeup & hair by Simone M | Makeup Artist


The makeup for this photo series is based on the Twiggy style makeup of the 60s.

  • Black eyeliner
  • Colour popping eyeshadow
  • False lashes
  • Pale lipstick

Alternatively  a thick layer of black eyeliner, lash lengthening mascara and a pale pink lip will achieve the same effect. Don’t forget the blush.


To fake a short hairstyle, created into beehive up do. Add height to the front section with a hair doughnut then french twist the back section and pin into place. This video will explain everything -> 60’s Beehive Hair Tutorial . Not keen on the hive, simply add height to the front using a doughnut or teasing and hairspray and pin into shape. Bobby pins and hairspray are essential.


Hope you enjoy this guide.

Isobel Art


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London Calling

Vintage Pink

Success At The UOW Markets

Yesterday was the University of Wollongong’s last market day for the year, every second Wednesday the university puts on a market day where students and local business can sell items.

My friend  had set up a store selling small prints of her artworks and began inviting others from our class to sell prints. So yesterday I gave Talia A5 single prints and business card size packet of 4 prints of my organ and botany collages.

I sold 8 prints – 2 of the 4 pack and 6 single prints. I am very happy with the outcome and it has even me the motivation to contuine creating artworks.

Oh Aesthete Photography Update

Oh Aesthete Photography - website home page designI got a message recently asking what is happening with my photography business Oh Aesthete Photography. The release date was for November 2014 and for the past 4 months the website home page has been saying ‘coming soon’.

So here is an update on what is happening.

Since May I have been working on building Oh Aesthete Photography as a photography business – test shooting, contacting business, designing the business identity, arranging promotions etc.

The goal of Oh Aesthete Photography is to provide photography services in 2 categories – stylised portraits and porfolio/promotional photography. Our main focus is the retro inspired portraits, these portrait sessions include makeup and hairstyling, fashion styling, 2 hour on location session and edited images.

Oh Aesthete Photography - logo design

Oh Aesthete Photography – logo design

To provide an outstanding customer service for these portrait sessions, we need the best and experience people for our team. Over the past few months I have been test shooting with makeup artists and clothing store owners setting up photo sessions with volunteer models. I had a set up a business connection with a clothing store that specialise in all types of vintage clothing to help provide items for our sessions. Although Nicole and I spent endless hours trolling market stalls, charity shop, ebay and garage sales look for pieces, we still need items to accommodate the sizes and styles we didn’t have.

2 weeks ago I receive a message from the owner of the store, outline that they would be closing the shop space and selling their business to other vintage clothing business. Ending our connection.

Without the service of this clothing shop Oh Aesthete Photography’s portrait division would not have been able to provide service to its maxim potential. I would have had to turn down customers because I wouldn’t have been able to accommodate their needs in regards to clothing.

Test shoot with Billie Jean's Treasures

Test shoot with Billie Jean’s Treasures

So what does this mean now? Well I have made the choice to put the portrait division on hold until I find a clothing store or build up a wardrobe that accommodates all sizes and a wide rage of clothing items. I’ll be setting up mini session around the Wollongong and Sydney area during late November and early December but these session will be 1 day events 20 minute sessions. As for the porfolio/promotional photography division I’ll be opening it up at the end of the year/early in the new year.

As the old saying goes “when one door closes, other door opens” I’m currently in foundations stages of setting up my graphic design business. My time management skills will be put to the test once all business are up and running.


Isobel Art